"Full House" Sudoku solving technique explained

sudoku boards demonstrating full house

Singles are the most basic and easy-to-understand techniques in solving sudoku puzzles. The Full House is the easiest and the best to begin with from them all.

Full House is simply the last digit that can be placed in a house.

A house is a full set of numbers between 1-9 it can be a row, block, or column.

See an example:

Take a look at the house marked with the blue square, we can see that there is only one empty cell that remains in this house, it is marked with a pink square.

a sudoku board with an empty marked cell

After reviewing all the numbers that exist in the marked house the number we are left with only one indisputable answer.

sudoku puzzle solved by the full house technique

The only number left to complete this house is 2.

If it is the last digit for the whole grid, it is sometimes called "Last Digit" .