3 Sudoku Tips For Beginners

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Do you think Sudoku is complicated? Well, don’t! Knowing the right approach too a game will keep you soaring high. Being acquainted with the shortcuts and right moves in Sudoku will enable you to take advantage of opportunities and leverage on hidden advantages.

Let me show you a few tips that can prove useful and teach you how to improve at sudoku.

1. Search for easy opportunities

Most times opportunities are lurking in unlikely corners, but beginners might have a hard time sighting them if they don’t look well most of the time, when a game commences, every Sudoku grid possesses already placed numbers in their correct places. This is a whole lot of advantage!

It is important to see where a lot of numbers are “pre-placed”. Sometimes the grid will do some of the work for you!

2. Move to neighboring rows and look at them!

If you're good at recognizing patterns and harnessing subtle opportunities, then you will cope in replicating the same while playing Sudoku. Sudoku is a game that entails pattern recognition as well as opportunity utilization. Through consistent practice, pattern recognition will come naturally to you, and you will find it easier to apply for correct numbers while eliminating the numbers that do not matter from consideration. However, for beginners who do not have so much experience from practice, it is important to try filling empty spaces by adopting the “scanning method”.

This entails that you keep your eyes glued to the neighboring rows and columns and try to fill another space form those rows and columns.

3. Know your Momentum and go at your own pace

Sudoku hinges on pace. it deals with pace and it is determined by momentum/pace.

Therefore, every time you place a new number, ensure that you try to follow up on it and keep the pace by watching out for corresponding numbers that can be placed. Mostly, when a number is placed on the grid, it changes and then you can watch out for new possibilities and opportunities, but do not lose the momentum.


Most importantly, practice brings you into perfection

Constant application of these tips for beginners (in the right way) will get you acquainted with the hidden opportunities which exist in various grids and columns.

Sudoku is no big deal when the right moves are applied and hidden tricks are employed ! PLAY NOW !