Easy Level Sudoku

Easy Sudoku explained:

Online Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzles out there! Here you Can play high-quality Easy daily curated online Sudoku puzzles! Once you solve a few puzzles advance to the Medium level boards.

The difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle is generally determined by the number of givens and the technics required to solve it. Our Easy level Sudoku puzzles usually contain 35 - 40 given numbers, no special technics or former knowledge is required to solve an Easy level Sudoku puzzle, it can be solved using common logic and good thinking!

If it’s your first time maybe try a Very easy one to get the hang of it!

Sudoku is a puzzle that is played on a grid of some 9 x 9 spaces. All the nine squares are categorized in the form of columns and rows, which are made out of 3 x 3 spaces. Every single column, row, and square is required to be filled with numbers that range from 1-9. You are not supposed to repeat any single number in any column, row, and square.

Never Guess

Sudoku is all about reason and logic. So guessing this game is a big mistake. If you are not able to find out which number you should locate in specific spaces, you should just keep on scanning the rest of the grid. Keep calm and don’t force yourself, Sudoku is all about insights, patience, and recognition of patterns.

Using the Process of Elimination

Now you might be thinking, what the process of elimination has to do with Sudoku? In order To figure out which numbers will be making their way into individual spaces, you should be using the process of elimination. It's all about checking all those numbers which are already included in the square. and by that understanding exactly which numbers are missing from it.

In simple terms, the process of elimination is to check out which spaces are available and which few numbers are missing.